Why Do We Have Assessments?

The purpose of assessments is two-fold.  First, as an association we are trying to develop young softball players.  In order to do that, we feel it is necessary to gauge the skill sets of each player and divide them amongst teams so they and our program have a greater chance of success.  Success is not measured in terms of wins or losses, but rather that the kids have fun and want to come back next year.  As the kids progress through the different age levels, the level of competition and the drive to win becomes much clearer.  Winning and competition are much more visible at the 12u level and up.  At these age groups we travel more, play in multiple tournaments, and teams are coached with a greater emphasis on winning the tournaments we enter.

The second reason we hold assessments is for team placement.  We try to keep all kids at their respective age groups regardless of talent.  Some kids may be moved to another level IF and ONLY there are a shortage of players or there is a shortage of a particular position such as pitching or catching.  The assessments serve as a tool to choose the appropriate players based on the skill sets needed at the upper level.    Our association policy is to keep the kids at their respective age levels and any level change of play is done through a board vote with recommendations from the player development committee.


Offering Five Divisions for Ages 4 - 18


Ages 4-6


Ages 6 - 8


Ages 9 - 10


Ages 11 - 12


Ages 13 - 14


Ages 15 - 18

All divisions take place during the summer between May and late July

We Provide Most of Your Equipment

  • Cleats and glove are the responsibility of the player
  • Catcher's equipment available at all levels
  • Jersey are provided to teams at 6U/8U/10U/12U
  • Uniform Sets (jersey, pant, socks and belt) are provided to travel teams 12U/14U/16/18U

Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors 

Our sponsors provide valuable resources to the association that allow us to provide for our players and make it possible to keep costs low for our families.  We thank our sponsors for being so generous and appreciate their support!


Contact Info

Thunder Fastpitch
PO Box 51
Grand Rapids, MN  55744

Dylan MacLean, President

Aaron Schultz, Vice-President

Heidi Clairmont, Treasurer: heidiclairmont@yahoo.com

Jen Conrad, Secretary